Interactive: The Platts Benchmark Heatmap

The price wall visualizes 258 of the most important price benchmarks assessed by Platts across various commodities...


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What is the primary challenge for the crude oil industry in reducing carbon emissions?

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Infographic: China's crude throughput falls to 5-month low on maintenance, weak margins

Decoding the OPEC+ meeting: crude output increases in 2024

Oil prices slumped after OPEC+ announced deals to ease voluntary crude output cuts in the last quarter of 2024 and extend group-wide production quotas into 2025. Market watchers are now closely monitoring quota compliance, global oil demand forecasts and non-OPEC+ supply growth.In this episode of the Oil Markets podcast, SP Global Commodity Insights’ Rosemary GriffinPayam Hashempour and Charlie Mitchell join Herman Wang to run through the key points of the group’s latest deals and the market reaction.Links: Energy Security Sentinel™ Steady oil prices indicate uncertainty around OPEC+ plan to increase output in Q4 (subscriber content) OPEC+ extends voluntary cuts to September, sets phase-out schedule (subscriber content) Dated Brent - PCAAS00 Dubai Mo01 - PCAAT00More listening options:

Energy security, oil diplomacy, sustainability in focus as India's NDA wins third term

For everyone watching developments in India's oil and the overall energy sector over the past decade, the phrase that will immediately come to mind is 'policy continuity’ as the National Democratic Alliance wins a third consecutive term in office. However, it will be much more than that. Asia Energy Editor Sambit Mohanty speaks about how the changing energy landscape, the turbulent geopolitical scenario, and the increased focus on India as the biggest center for oil demand growth will mean that the new government will have its hands full while trying to ensure affordable energy, ensuring energy security, as well as working towards meeting its climate pledge.

Insights from MPGC with Dr Kang Wu

What are the real risks in trading with a backdrop of the war in Ukraine, conflicts in the Middle East, the drive for energy transition yet security and issues like the events in the Red Sea?Listen now as Dr Kang WuGlobal Head of Demand Oil ResearchSP Global Commodity Insights breaks down the question in to four key themes and gives clarity for the il industries future potential amidst challenges.This is part of The Inside Track series coverage of MPGC. To have your front-row ticket to the event, wherever you are in the world, please head over to Commodity Insights LIVE Series!

Interactive: Global oil flow tracker

Infographic: How will Mexico's presidential elections impact the energy sector?

Insights from MPGC with Dave Ernsberger

Listen now as Dave ErnsbergerHead of Market Reporting and Trading Solutions shares his key takeaways from MPGC! Dave dives in to discuss how the market has reacted post-COP 28 and what could be on the cards for COP 29 in Baku. Furthermore Dave shares insights into supply of crude oil and OPEC’s potential next moves.This is part of The Inside Track series coverage of MPGC. To have your front-row ticket to the event, wherever you are in the world, please head over to Commodity Insights LIVE Series!

Insights from MPGC with Jim Burkhard

The interesting thing is that a lot of discussion on crude markets from day one of the Middle East Petroleum and Gas Conference (MPGC) has focused on oil demand for 2024, and has ranged quite wide with SP Global Commodity Insights predicting it’ll be around 1.7 million barrels per day.Find out why the range is so high and what is on the horizon for crude markets with Jim Burkhard, Vice President, Head of Crude Oil Research and Energy Mobility by watching our latest The Inside Track episode at the sidelines of the event taking place this week in Dubai, UAE!This is part of The Inside Track series coverage of MPGC. To have your front-row ticket to the event, wherever you are in the world, please head over to Commodity Insights LIVE Series

Spotlight: A closer look at the Middle East’s decarbonization drivers and implications—a shrinking window for hydrocarbon export revenues

Middle Eastern companies’ climate disclosure is rising, but S&P Global analysts expect more emissions reduction commitments

Infographic: India Elections - Oil sector to be in spotlight for India's new government

40 years of Platts Dubai

Platts Dubai, the Middle East's sour crude benchmark of choice is 40!Celebrating its 40th anniversary, Platts Dubai is the leading price benchmark for crude oil pricing in the Middle East and Asia-Pacific region. On a daily basis, it reflects supply and demand dynamics, giving confidence to producers, traders and refiners during contract negotiations.Watch now to find out why Platts Dubai is crucial for the industry, bringing liquidity and transparency to the market. 

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