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What practice has the most potential to reduce carbon emissions in agriculture?

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Infographic: South America's crop shipping infrastructure expands

Field to fork: Unpacking feed and meat demand in Asia and the Middle East (part 2)

Meat consumption is soaring globally, driven by population growth, rising incomes, and dietary preferences. As emerging markets embrace protein-rich diets, demand for feed grains intensifies, and the weather, government policy, animal disease and other factors can have major impact on both industries. For the second installment of this two-part series focusing on global beef and poultry markets, Will Bland resumes the conversation, this time with agriculture managing editors Liz Thang and Asim Anand. The team turns the spotlight to Asia and the Middle East, where most of the world's population and livestock live.Links: Press Release: SP Global Commodity Insights Launches New Platts Price Assessments for Poultry, Beef Proteins Price Assessments on SP Global Commodity Insights Live

New GMO regulation in China: Implications for seed market

Food and Beverage Price Index: Four Charts to Watch - June 2024

Brazilian weather challenges a mixed bag across agricultural commodities

Brazilian weather continues to capture market attention, with price impacts mixed across commodities. The effects of heatwaves in the country over the past year are still being assessed for corn and soybeans, and recent heavy rains in Rio Grande do Sul have disrupted rice markets. Sugar and coffee supplies appear unscathed for now, but concerns loom over potential impacts on late season supplies.Listen from our experts Lee BridgettHead of Food Retail and ManufacturingGabriel TandeFood Retail and Manufacturing Analyst and Fernanda OkadaMarket Analyst at S P Global Commodity Insights

Infographic: South American corn supply hits global grains outlook

Global consumer prices feel impacts of tightening rice supplies, shifts in global beef supplies

The Food Retail and Manufacturing team within Food and Agricultural Commodities at SP Global Commodity Insights discusses the latest food price inflation trends in April across global markets. In April, food inflation continues to slow in the US and Europe, but weather in Brazil, India, and Southeast Asia is creating volatility in consumer prices for fruits and vegetables, as well as rice. April also sees mixed movements around the world on beef prices, as the US continues to see high prices due to tightness in the domestic cattle herd, while a surge in South American harvest levels has brought down beef prices in Brazil and mainland China, which continues to see record beef demand despite ongoing economic challenges in the country.

Field to fork: US grilling season and Brazil’s role in beef trade (part 1)

Grilling season is underway in the US – the world's largest producer and consumer of beef. Even so, per capita consumption of beef in the US has halved over the last 50 years. The US can now produce more beef with fewer head of cattle, but it has become reliant on imported beef. And Brazil has a herd of some 235 million head and now supplies the world. In this first installment of a two-part series focusing on global beef and poultry markets, EMEA agriculture and food manager William Bland speaks with Americas agriculture managers John-Laurent Tronche and Rafael Savoia about these changing dynamics.Links:Press Release: SP Global Commodity Insights Launches New Platts Price Assessments for Poultry, Beef Proteins Price Assessments: SP Global Commodity Insights LiveMore listening options:

Black Sea, Canadian wheat prices surge on weather, crop fears

US climate risk disclosure rule unlikely to burden agri-food interests

Cocoa prices continue spiking as demand remains stubbornly high

Despite the historic price increases in the global cocoa market, there are few immediate signs of a market reversal as buyers continue to pay what sellers are offering. SPGCI analysts also discuss recent bankruptcies among Brazilian farmers in this month’s video, in addition to how the war in Ukraine could impact grain markets in 2024.KNOW MORE

Indonesia’s rice import surge, ban on Indian exports: what lies ahead for rice markets?

The rice markets in Asia have seen new trends emerging with Indonesia importing rice, and India putting restrictions on their rice exports. Ripple effects have been felt in other major rice growing countries such as Pakistan and Thailand.In this Commodities Focus episode, Elizabeth Thang, Managing Editor for Food and Agriculture is joined by three rice experts from SP Global Commodity Insights, Tanya Rana and Elvis John, associate editors with the agriculture markets and Mugunthan Kesavan, Engagement lead for food and agriculture to discuss some key questions—how the markets are reacting to Indonesia’s return to the market as an importer, what the industry is anticipating about the rice export ban in India ahead of elections in the country, and more.Related price assessments: Thai Long Grain White Rice 100% Grade B FOBVietnam Long Grain White Rice 5% Broken FOBPakistan Long Grain White Rice 5% BrokenIndia Long Grain Parboiled Milled Rice 5% STXMore listening options:

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Interactive: Platts SAF-Jet Fuel blend price

Sustainable Aviation Fuel is being blended with conventional aviation fuel in increasing percentages. Mandated blend volumes and voluntary targets across the globe are aiming to tackle the challenge of decarbonizing aviation. The S&P Global SAF-Jet fuel blend slider uses the month average Platts CIF Northwest Europe Jet cargo price benchmark and the CIF ARA SAF price assessment to show a representation of the blended price of aviation fuel.

The future for SAF with the IATA Aviation Energy Forum on the horizon

Listen now as Sophie Byron, Global Director of Biofuels Pricing at SP Global Commodity Insights shares her views on what the future could hold for SAF, the challenges the industry faces and what the potential pricing mechanism could look like amidst fragmentation around legislation.Have questions for Sophie and her team? Find them at the SP Global Commodity Insights Lounge at IATA Aviation Energy Forum, Vienna.

Jet Fuel considerations with IATA’s Forum on the horizon

Listen now as Gary Clark, Associate Editorial Director at SP Global Commodity Insights, shares insights on the global rebalancing of clean refined product flows and the extension of jet fuel supply chains into key demand hubs.      Have questions for Gary and the team? Find them at the SP Global Commodity Insights Lounge at IATA Aviation Energy Forum, Vienna.

UK SAF policies put uptake targets at risk: aviation leaders

Why sulfur markets face an upside risk from the energy transition

Sulfur is a crucial input for the fertilizer market. But, this byproduct of the oil and gas industry is also increasingly in-demand for processing key metals needed for the energy transition, such as copper and nickel.In this episode of the Platts Future Energy podcast, sulfur and sulfuric acid market reporter Matt Hoisch is joined by sulfur and sulfuric acid Analyst, Yuya Pan, and senior copper analyst, Ruilin Wang, for a deep dive into how a transition to greener energy sources is expected to impact sulfur supply and demand.Related coverage:Platts launches CFR Southeast Africa sulphur assessment and Middle East-Southeast Africa sulphur freight assessmentOur fertilizer services and coverageAll our non-ferrous coverage (subscriber link)SpotifyApple PodcastsGoogle Podcasts

Interactive: Ammonia price chart

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