Interactive: Middle East and North Africa state wheat buyers' subsidy policies

This interactive illustrates the reliance of countries in North Africa and...


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What do you think will be the most significant challenge for agriculture in adapting to climate change?

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Agiculture & Food
Global Dairy Outlook

The global dairy dynamic continues to shift and face challenges into 2024. Production and demand continue to send mixed messages across the supply chain. Join Ryan UrieGlobal Head of Meat and Livestock and Sarah Reid Lead Analyst of Meat and Livestock – EMEA as they discuss the current landscape and what to expect from global prices going forward.Get access to the latest Global Dairy Report here

Food and Beverage Price Index: Four Charts to Watch - April 2024

The Benchmark: Easter egg price hikes are the tip of the cocoaberg

While consumers have complained of rising chocolate Easter egg prices in recent weeks (or even shrinkflation), this is likely only the beginning as futures prices have rallied considerably in recent weeks and show no signs of backing off amid a grim supply outlook. SPGCI analysts also discuss wet planting conditions in many Northern Hemisphere countries and El Nino-affected harvests in the Southern Hemisphere in this month’s video.KNOW MORE

Farms of the Future

Join Joe SomersConsulting Director Agribusiness S P Global Commodity Insights as he explores what are the farms of the future? It is critical to have detailed knowledge of farm structure, performance and demographics of the farm sector to better assess which segments will continue to thrive or thrive best and the needs of different types of producers that will dictate the future landscape. Joe dives into the recent U.S census data to look for trends and key indicators of what the future could hold and how the farming industry has evolved over the last 20 years. Take a listen now!

From crops to animal feed, now let's get to the meat of it

Join Piero CarelloGlobal Pricing DirectorAgriculture and Food and Ryan UrieGlobal Head of Meatand Livestock Analytics at SP Global Commodity Insights as they discuss current dynamics and critical developments in the proteins markets such as how increased volatility in the Agriculture Food sector has resulted in a need for more price transparency.Commodity Insights LIVE is showcasing protein price assessments and they can be viewed here. These prices will allow the market to have full visibility on how protein prices impact crop and feed prices and vice versa.

The Benchmark: South American fruit in focus

Amid the peak of South American harvesting, SPGCI analysts discuss negotiations between fresh fruit buyers and suppliers, in addition to shifting trade dynamics and the impact of recent wildfires. Agricultural markets’ adaptations to the ongoing situation in the Red Sea are also covered in this month’s video.KNOW MORE

Lower prices and uncertain demand: navigating choppy waves of wheat markets in 2024

Wheat prices have been on a largely downward trend since the start of 2024 despite lower production in key exporters, Canada and Australia, and continued logistics concerns due to the wars in the Black Sea and the Red Sea. Does this imply the weight of a larger global supply in the year ahead and that the markets have adapted to a new normal amidst geopolitical tensions or are there choppier waves to come?In this podcast, Vivien Tang, associate grains editor, Victoria Sinitsyna, associate director, Grains Analytics and Nikolaos Aidinis Antonopoulos, senior freight pricing specialist discuss the potential challenges faced by the wheat markets and provide an outlook on global wheat production and freight markets in 2024.Related: CFR Indonesia wheat price matrixAPW Wheat CFR IndonesiaCWRS 13.5% Wheat CFR Indonesia EU 11.5% Wheat CFR Indonesia More listening options:

The Benchmark X France’s Agricultural Disputes Highlight Global Issues

Ongoing disputes between the French government, farmers, retailers and manufacturers reflect a a microcosm of the issues that the global agricultural supply chain is experiencing right now. Watch now as Peter Storey, Head of Prices, Food Agricultural Commodities, and Lee Bridgett, Economist, Food Retail Manufacturing at SP Global Commodity Insights discuss this and the continued hipping woes in the Red Sea and El Nino’s impact on Australia and SE Asia.Learn more about agriculture fundamentals and market insights by clicking here

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Renewable Naphtha Supply Dynamics

Join Stephen LiResearch DirectorBiofuelsS P Global Commodity Insights as they divlge the capabilities within the bio-naphtha sector.CERAWeek is taking place from March 18-22 and LIVE will be your all-access pass to the conference. Check back for more insights and cutting-edge coverage.

Infographic: Government policies, trade flows drive Asia's biofuels industry

Harnessing CO2 for Production of Sustainable Fuels

Listen to Gajendra KumarDirector Process Economics Program at SP Global Commodity Insights, coming straight from the World Petrochemical ConferenceWPC) in HoustonTXUSA. Gajendra highlights the discussion centering production of sustainable transportation fuels harnessing carbon dioxide and the industry's outlook on investment in alternative fuels.  WPC is taking place from March 18-22 and LIVE will be your all-access pass to the conference. Check back for more chemical insights and cutting-edge coverage.

Fueling the Future: Biofuels driving progress on net zero

The role of biofuels in energy transition is growing, as they can help decarbonize hard-to-abate transport sectors, but more supply is needed to keep the world on track with net-zero goals. S&P Global Commodity Insights explores how regional policies are driving adoption and evolving technology is widening the feedstock pool, as well as supply and demand outlooks across transport sectors. READ MORE

Perspectives X Looking Ahead to the Release of a Modified GREET Model

Ellie MaruyamaPrincipal Consultant with SP Global Commodity Insights Downstream and Refining Advisory Team, and Lingqi LouConsultant with SP Global Commodity Insights Agribusiness Advisory Team, discuss what we will be looking for in the upcoming release of a modified GREET model, which will be designed to calculate emission reductions of Sustainable Aviation FuelSAF) under the Inflation Reduction ActIRA). This development will have implications for the United States’ ability to achieve ambitious SAF targets.

Perspectives with Nicholas Flanders

Join Nicholas FlandersCEO Co-Founder, Twelve as they take a deep dive on the revolutionary technology of teansforming carbon dioxide into jet fuel among other useful products.CERAWeek is taking place from March 18-22 and LIVE is your all-access pass to the conference. Check back for more insights and cutting-edge coverage.

Ethanol industry wants more options to be part of US climate solution: ACE CEO

The ethanol industry is angling to be a bigger part of the US decarbonization strategy, but so far, the Biden administration has sent some mixed signals on the issue. For instance, the Treasury Department has made some policy decisions that could provide some big opportunities for ethanol, but the Environmental Protection Agency is slow walking other policies the industry has called for.Brian Jennings, CEO of the American Coalition for Ethanol, joins the podcast to discuss the administration’s recent policy decisions, and outline additional actions the industry is seeking.Stick around after the interview for Jeff Mower with the Market Minute, a near-term look at oil market drivers.Related content:US Treasury allows GREET model for SAF credit, opening opportunity for ethanol (subscriber content)EPA looks to issue E15 rule in March; biofuel groups want swifter action(subscriber content)

Perspectives with Michał Kurtyka

Join Michał KurtykaPresidentCOP24  Polish Minister of Climate  and Taylor KuykendallSenior Metals and Mining ReporterS P Global Commodity Insights as they reflect on the changes on how the world is navigating the path to net-zero.CERAWeek is taking place from March 18-22 and LIVE will be your all-access pass to the conference. Check back for more insights and cutting-edge coverage.

Ammonia Market Overview

Listen to Georgy EliseevLead Research Analyst at SP Global Commodity Insights, coming straight from the World Petrochemical ConferenceWPC) in HoustonTXUSA. Georgy brings to you all-things ammonia and its potential as a fuel within the energy transition dynamics.  WPC is taking place from March 18-22 and LIVE will be your all-access pass to the conference. Check back for more chemical insights and cutting-edge coverage.

Interactive: Ammonia price chart

Price Assessments

UCO FOB Straits M2M Financial


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