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Which refined product sector will face the most pressure to decarbonize?

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Refined Products

Refining the future: Wires and Barrels and Batteries (oh my!)

As electric vehicles increase their market share, so increases the transportation sector’s reliance on metals supply and downstream smelting capacity. How does this supply chain compare to that of traditional oil markets? SP Commodity Insights’ Experts Stephen Jew and Mark Ferguson, focused respectively on liquids and metals, join EnergyCents with hosts Hill Vaden and Sam Humphreys to compare the global oil refining complex with metals smelting and consider the challenges of long-lead times and not-in-my-backyard resistance when adding capacity to either sector.Learn more about SP Global Commodity Insights energy coverage at: https://www.spglobal.com/commodityinsights/enMore listening options:

UK oil refining struggles in the age of energy transition

As election fever grips the UK, this Commodities Focus podcast looks at the country’s oil refineries as they grapple with the fast-changing process of energy transition, including shifting government targets, shrinking diesel demand, the rise of sustainable aviation fuel, and unrelenting competitive pressure from giant refiners around the world.In this new instalment of the Commodities Focus podcast focusing on UK energy policy, Nick Coleman, senior editor for oil news, is joined by Robert Perkins, managing editor for downstream oil news, European oil markets analyst Rebeka Foley, and downstream oil news reporter Kelly Norways.Links: Previous episode on UK energy policy: Does the UK need the North Sea for its energy future? Energy Security Sentinel More listening options:

Naphtha flow from Africa's Dangote refinery boosting product tankers

Nigeria's Dangote refinery, built at a cost of $20 billion and is Africa's largest, has started exporting naphtha to North Asian markets at a time when the clean tanker market is witnessing prolonged firmness. The naphtha flow from Dangote is adding to the ton-mile demand in the clean tanker sector and this could be boosting the clean tanker market in the short- to medium term.Associate editorial director for Asia Freight, Pradeep Rajan, discusses about West African naphtha flow and its impact on the clean tanker market with Sameer Mohindru, senior editor, Asia clean tanker market, and associate editor Zoey Ng, who covers Asia naphtha market.More listening options:

The future for SAF with the IATA Aviation Energy Forum on the horizon

Listen now as Sophie Byron, Global Director of Biofuels Pricing at SP Global Commodity Insights shares her views on what the future could hold for SAF, the challenges the industry faces and what the potential pricing mechanism could look like amidst fragmentation around legislation.Have questions for Sophie and her team? Find them at the SP Global Commodity Insights Lounge at IATA Aviation Energy Forum, Vienna.

Dangote refinery pursues long-term US crude supply despite domestic overhang

Infographic: Trading houses move into Europe's refining scene

UK SAF policies put uptake targets at risk: aviation leaders

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Webinar: Financing African oil and gas deals in the age of transition

The African oil and gas landscape continues to change and adapt to the energy requirements of its population and the world. For its diversified set of exploration and production players, access to finance is core to their brownfield and greenfield operations.This webinar is in partnership with the African Energy Chamber which features our special guest Fernando Hermes, Executive Board Member and CFO of Etu Energias who’s shared his financing journey. Watch on demand now.Click here to download the slides

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