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UCO FOB Straits M2M Financial

What is UCO FOB Straits M2M Financial?
Biodiesel Feedstock: Used Cooking Oil (UCO) FOB Straits Basis and Locations - Prices are assessed daily on an FOB Straits basis, with Straits being defined as Pasir Gudang and Singapore terminals. Loadings from Port Klang may also be reflected in the assessment but may be normalized for assessment purposes. UCO assessments reflect material with a maximum of 5% FFA , a maximum of 2% MIU, maximum 40ppm sulfur and a minimum of 50gr iodine per 100gr of used cooking oil and maximum wax content of 300 ppm. The cargoes reflect ISCC-certified and RED-compliant material. In addition, the assessment reflects product that holds proof of sustainability obtained in the framework of voluntary schemes approved by the EU Commission (Nabisy, UK and Dutch-double counting).Proof of Sustainability, Annex VII and Right to Audit needs to be provided by the seller. Payment terms are defined standard payment terms.
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