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Platts American Energy Certificates (US RECs)

What are Platts American Energy Certificates (US RECs)?
Platts American Energy Certificates (US RECs) assessment by S&P Global Commodity Insights is the weekly price for the REC certificates, issued from electricity generated, and delivered to the electric grid, from a renewable energy resource. As others EACs, a REC sells separately from the actual electricity. The REC owner retains exclusive rights to claim "using" or "being powered by" the renewable electricity associated with that REC.
American Energy Certificates commentary

  • Texas contracts show largest increases
  • NAR and M-RETS grow

US Renewable Certificate Market saw mixed movement in Texas, Pennsylvania and Ohio the week to April 18, while the North American Renewables Registry and the Midwest Renewable Energy Tracking System grew.

TX solar contracts grew 17% on average. The Compliance SREC from CRS Listed Facilities V2024 FH contract and the SREC V2023 contract saw the largest price increases, closing 58 cents and 38 cents higher, respectively, from the week prior.

TX non-solar Compliance REC V2023 FH contract price increased 55 cents since last week, while the non-solar Compliance REC V2024 BH saw a 23-cent decrease, closing at $2.63/MWh April 18.

PA saw mixed movement. The SAEC V2023 contract increased $6/MWh since last week, while the SAEC V2024 contract decreased $2/MWh.

OH, which contracts rolled dates on April 15, also saw mixed movement. The non-solar REC V2023 and V2024 contract both increased 25 cents since last week. Conversely, the SREC V2023 contract decreased 25 cents.

NAR Any REC V2024 closed at $2.45-MWh, up 40 cents from the week prior.

M-RETS Compliance REC from CRS Listed Facilities V2024 FH price increased 17%, closing at 2.28, a 33-cent increase.

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